Why It Is So Important to Opt for Natural Makeup?

Why It Is So Important to Opt for Natural Makeup?

Makeup is something that does a world of good to the looks as well as to the confidence of people. It is essentially more of a beauty item than anything else, which is used by people all over the world. However, seen differently, makeup is perhaps something that will give you a world of confidence, more so in places where you need to present yourself in a more dignified and polished manner.

Now the question here is what makeup you need to opt for, that will do no harm to your skin and will instead help improve it. From that point of view, the best thing that you can do is to opt for natural makeup. I have been doing so for years, and believe me, no one tells that I am in the mid of my 30s. That’s the magic of natural makeup.

Here are a few points that will compel you to vouch for natural makeup.

Eco friendly

Conventional products of makeup and beautification generally use petroleum-based ingredients. Besides, they more or less depend upon a wide range of chemicals, while going through their production process. Most of these substances are typically harsh, and have adverse effect on the skin, if used for a prolonged period of time, though they can improve the appearance of the skin temporarily.

In fact, most of these products use petroleum and aluminum, which can have a very bad effect on the skin, leaving it harsh and dry, itchy and devoid of its natural moisture. They make the skin prone to allergies and rashes. Even the pores get blocked due to the extensive use of these products, leading to various types of skin diseases, which may leave the skin permanently damaged.

This is where the natural products have an edge over their conventional counterparts. These natural products do not have these chemicals and as such, will never cause any harm to your skin. My skin is as soft and as moist as it was some 15-20 years back, and I owe so much to these natural makeup products.

Absence of Harsh Chemicals

The chemicals that are used in the conventional and non-organic makeup products are downright poisonous to your endocrine system. Two of the most extensively used chemicals in cosmetics are Parabens and phthalates. Both these chemicals are found to be carcinogenic in nature. Also they are responsible for Type II Diabetes. So you see, using these conventional cosmetics would literally mean inviting trouble. That is why, I would say it is so important to turn to the natural makeup products, which if not anything else, will not at least do any harm to your skin and damage it temporarily or permanently.

Natural Aroma

I have seen many shopping with their nose, more so when it comes to purchasing personal care products. This is, to my opinion analogous to ‘eating things with eyes’. There is nothing wrong though, and I really appreciate those who indulge in this type of practice. Now the problem is that, there are people who are foxed by the fragrance of the conventional makeup products. Truly, the quality that usually helps to determine the worthiness of a makeup product is the odor. Since all these products consist of a combination of various chemicals, they come up with a fragrance that attracts customers.

Now the issue is, artificial aromas expose our body to a wide range of toxic effects, and some of them even lead to issues like cancer and disorders in our nervous system, and even birth defects. Hence, it is imperative that while choosing the products, you always vouch for those products that are derived from absolutely 100 percent natural ingredients.

I would suggest that you should opt for the essential oils, which are the best natural perfumes, which not only better your skin, but are the best in terms of fragrance.

Richness of Nutrients

Our skin has the natural ability to absorb certain types of compounds, thanks to a protective barrier, which keeps the dangerous compounds at bay. However, prolonged use of harmful products destroys this barrier, exposing the body to the harmful compounds. The natural products, which are rich in nutrients not only keep this barrier intact, but make it even stronger, thereby keeping your body and skin safe and healthy.

So decide which way you wanna go! The ball is in your court.


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