The Secrets of Going to Parties and Stealing Show Sans Makeup

The Secrets of Going to Parties and Stealing Show Sans Makeup

If last week I had been more concerned about your inner self, let me be a bit more tilted towards your appearance this week.

I am on the other side of my 30s, and it’s been long. Let me be frank with this. Age is just a number, and I really do not think there’s any logic in concealing it. Once you step into the over-30s club, you will feel the difference! Make ups suddenly become more important, and you find yourself not that confident without makeup in front of the mirror. However, the reality is, you can still do without makeup and frankly, you can do better than some of your younger friends who would never step out without any makeup. You just have to be extra cautious as I had been.

My hubby dear did not notice that I have been going to parties without much of makeup and still it didn’t make any difference, until one of his friends drew his attention. That’s quite understandable though! He asked me about the secrets. I didn’t tell him – but here they are for you!

–    Firstly, you need to befriend a quality sunscreen. If you have never thought of sunlight to play havoc to your skin, it is high time you reconsider your stand. If you were let off during your teens and 20s, now that you are into your 30s, things will be different. The sunshine will inflict damage to your skin, and make it rough and you look more aged than what you are actually.  Use a quality sun cream to protect your skin.

–    Another very good practice is drinking a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning every day. Just do it, and feel the difference in your skin. This is something which is a perfect substitute to make-up. This will flare up your senses, and will flush out the toxins of your body, and thus will minimize the likelihood of skin sensitivity, which is responsible for skin getting affected by sun.

–    Besides, you also need to drink enough water, which will ensure that the body and skin remain hydrated all along the day, thereby helping it to glow and remain fresh.

–    You can apply skin scrub. This is an exfoliation practice, which if conducted twice a week, will open up the skin pores, and make sure that the skin cells can breathe in a proper way.

–    Stop touching your skin needlessly. This is a very bad habit that damages, and hurts your skin. Actually this is a one of those habits that die hard. However, that is what you need to do to keep yourself look fresh and young. Remember, whenever you rub your eyes, or scratch your skin, you inadvertently cause wear and tear.

–    Last but not the least you need to wash your face regularly. Not once – but at least thrice a day – once in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. You can use face wash, cleanser and facial moisturizer. Make sure, however, that they are of good quality.

That’s all!!!


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