Simple Natural Skin Care Tips I Want to Share

Simple Natural Skin Care Tips I Want to Share

Very often we think that it takes a ton of money, time and effort to keep our skin healthy looking. However, I can say this, that’s not always true. There are some very natural things you can do that’s going to help you maintain healthy skin without spending a dime or spending very little.

I’d like to share with you just a few natural skin care tips that have worked well with me and with a lot of people I know.

Stay Hydrated

Simple as that. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. When you drink plenty of water it’s going to flush out all the toxins that are in your body and are extremely bad for your skin. Also, your skin will be well hydrated if you keep your body well hydrated.

Don’t Get Too Much Direct Sun

Even though many may love to get those nice tans, they are not very good for your skin. It’s really important to try and not expose your skin to hours of direct sunlight. Not only can long exposure time to the sun cause wrinkles and age spots it can also cause cancer. I always make sure that before I go out in the direct sunlight that I put on a very good sunscreen on all skin that’s exposed. This is going to help protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and it actually does slow down the aging process of your skin.


One of the best things you can do for your skin is to do some sweating. This means you should try to do some sort of exercise several times a week that brings you to a sweat. Sweat is important for healthy skin because it helps to open up our pores in the skin and this is how some of the toxins that are trapped in our skin escapes.

Make Sure to Moisturize

There’s nothing better for your skin than a good moisturizer. I always make sure that I moisturize each day and usually I do it once in the morning and then at night before going to bed. This is especially important for your face if you want to keep it looking healthy with a natural glow. So, always make sure that you use a good moisturizer every day and not just for your face. You should be kind to your whole body and give it good moisture each day.

Natural Make-up

I know this is not the cheapest thing to do, but it is important to try and make sure that all of your make-up is natural or organic products. Yes, the ones made with natural ingredients cost more money they are far better for your skin. Make-up that is chemical based is extremely bad for your skin and can severely harm it.

Before Bed

I always make sure that before I go to bed for the night that I clean off all the make-up and dirt that has accumulated during the day. If you don’t take all of this gunk off, you’re going to clog up your pores and your skin won’t get the breathing time that it needs to stay healthy. Also, if you go to sleep without cleaning your face off it can lead to acne and that’s the last thing you want.

Sleep & Stress

I’ve found that the less stress you have and the more sleep you get results in healthy skin. There’s no ignoring the fact that a lack of sleep makes the skin of your face look tired and even older by causing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Stress is something that can also make your skin look older and can even cause redness, puffiness and rashes on your skin. So, the best thing to do is to try and find ways in which you can lower the stress levels. You can do this by taking time for yourself where you can sit and relax in a quite spot that brings you peace. Soaking in a warm tub can help with scented candles or just relaxing on the sofa with a good book. Whatever it is that helps calm you down, do it. Your skin will thank you for it.

Eat Healthy

Good food with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals is a proven way of maintaining healthy skin. Just like the inside of your body, you skin needs the right minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. So make sure you maintain a well balanced diet and eat spicy and fried foods in moderation.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

This is something many of us often forget to do. I admit that I often am guilty as well. However, I do try to make sure that I try to exfoliate once a week. It’s best to find an exfoliation product that is natural and suits the kind of skin that you have. Exfoliation is a sure fire way of getting rid of those dead skin cells that tend to clog up our pores on the top layer of our skin. If you get rid of these dead skin cells your skin can breathe better and will have a nice healthy glow about it.

If you follow these few tips about natural skin care you will quickly help your skin look a lot healthier and can even help make your skin look years younger.


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