Loving Your Own Self – How Justified It Is?

Loving Your Own Self – How Justified It Is?

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance– Oscar Wilde.

So true!!!! Many of us break down when relationships snap. We get into cocoons; we detach ourselves from society, and many of us start doing weird things. In fact, I have seen people around us doing these things. My husband would at times laugh at them, but I would always sympathize and think, why can’t these people love themselves first before getting into a relationship? My father taught me this, and since my childhood I had done that and believe me, it really helped. I am lucky that I have got a loving husband in my life and also have a beautiful daughter. However, believe me – I would have been the same happy person even if I had never met my husband. Loving yourself will do world of good, and will make you a different person altogether.

It makes you happier

The most important thing is that self-acceptance or self-love is something that will invariably lead to optimal satisfaction in whatever you do in your life. Unfortunately, it is something that people practice the least, and that is why there is so much frustration all around in people’s mind. Hence, it is high time that you start thinking differently. You need to take a different angle to see yourself. You may ask someone close to you to evaluate yourself. Do not be happy with your plus points – they are your assets. Work on your negatives. Try to improve upon them, and try to be as perfect as you can. You will not be able to be a picture perfect person. No one can. But you can be almost a perfect person. This will increase your self esteem, and give you unfathomable self confidence, which will make your life happier and merrier at the end of the day.

It will help you achieve your goals

Self compassion or self love is a great motivator. This is the most critical aspect that helps you achieve the goals of your life. As per research, it is self love and self esteem that acts as the best motivator, which helps you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and achieve your goals.

It helps you overcome the mental health issues

Studies suggest that people with higher self-compassion are always lesser prone to depression and anxiety. Furthermore, loving yourself will also make you optimistic in your life, which helps you to overcome any challenge you may face. Then again, it may so happen that loving yourself will help you develop internal habits, like moral values. It helps you perform better in your professional, academic or personal life.

It will help you stop procrastinating

Procrastination is a very bad habit practiced by some. Whenever there is a tight deadline to meet, some people tend not to face the challenge, but try to escape from it, deviating from the objective, and doing other things, which makes the deadline ever tighter and things worse than ever. Now this happens clearly due to lack of confidence and patience. Self love is something that will imbibe a world of confidence in you, and will help you get rid of this habit of procrastination.

It helps you withstand adversities

During your life time, you are bound to go through hard times, as I have been through. It is my self- respect, self love and self esteem that had helped me through all those hard times. This is absolutely true, for researches have revealed that people with high self-esteem who have been through bad times like divorce and other issues, have been able to cope up with it, and spring back to normal life, quicker than those without it.

Last but not the least, it helps you gain self acceptance, in case you have committed some mistake and will help you to overcome the sense of repentance pretty quickly and help you get going.

So you see there are so many advantages of loving yourself. Most importantly, a person with self love and self esteem will always be more respected by those without it, and who knows you may attract new friends and loved ones some day? Hence, loving your own self can well be termed as the first step of loving someone else, and getting love in return.


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