How to Make Yourself Feel Pampered?

How to Make Yourself Feel Pampered?

I have seen people pampering others, loving others and doing a lot of things to make their loved ones happy and satisfied. I also do the same for my loved ones. In fact, that is what makes a happy family. However, all said and done, I believe that you need to pamper yourself as well, in order to stay good. In fact, at times it becomes more important to pamper yourself than others, as that is what is badly needed to stay well. Now the million dollar question is, what are the best ways to make yourself feed pampered? Let me share some tips that I follow.

Submit yourself to the supreme power

It does not matter whether you are an atheist or you are a believer in God. You can always feel the presence of love, compassion, acceptance and freedom if you look for them around you. Now if you are a believer in God you might find them in Him, and if you are a non-believer, you might find them in your loved and dear ones around you. Either way, it is going to make you feel pampered, and hence relaxed at the end of the day.

Book a weekend for yourself

Do not just work! It will not just make you dull and pale mentally, but will make your life shorter! You depreciate more inside, and at times, the fatigue will keep on killing you mentally on any given point in time, thus cutting short your lifespan at the end of everything. Take a break from everything. Arrange for weekend tours to some serene, quiet places, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Just switch yourself off from whatever you do. This will help you rediscover yourself. Most importantly, this will help you feel pampered.

Create an ambiance that will soothe your psyche

It might not be always possible for you to go for a break. There might be compulsions here and there, just like I have at times. Do not regret. You need to spend quality time with yourself. You can do that well in your home. You need to connect to your inner spirit. For that you need to create a suitable ambiance. You can just light a candle or two, and sit in silence, meditating, or asking yourself about your objectives, thinking about your actions – your mistakes, failures and successes, and motivate yourself with newer goals. Or you can listen to soft, tender music that will put your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony. If this is not pampering, what else is? I had benefited a lot out of this. So you will be as well.

Arrange for a picnic if not anything else

Psychologists are of the opinion that one of the best ways of pampering your own self is through your stomach. Enjoy great dishes to feel pampered. That is why, if the weather permits just choose a weekend, grab a stack of magazines, or a book, a comfy blanket, a basket overwhelmed by your favorite foodstuffs, and set out for your favorite places. It does not matter whether anyone accompanies you or not. I used to do this a lot before my marriage. Believe me, it worked a lot, for whenever I used to come back from these outings, I was fresh and a completely different person whatsoever.

Chocolates, and chocolates!

Believe me, if you search your locality for a gourmet chocolate shop, and once you find it, treat yourself with one of the tastiest truffles, it is going to do a world of good to you. However, make sure you do not gulp them like a glutton. Have them slowly, and be at ease while having them. Take a bite and feel the taste and the chill inside your mouth, let your tongue caress it slowly as the taste and the flavor gets into your taste bud, filling your mind and soul with true ecstasy. Believe me, this will help a lot and this is one of the best ways of pampering yourself.

Get yourself to a spa or take a hot tub in the dark at your home

This is yet another thing that will help you. You can get to a spa and have a nice session for an hour or two from a professional, or you can arrange for a bath at your home, by adding some essential oils like mint, lavender and the likes. However, again, you need to have the right kind of ambiance by lowering the intensity of the lights, lighting candles, closing your eyes, and spending an hour or two for yourself. This will act like a magic on your mind and spirit.

Enjoy the best tea and snacks in your own way

Remaining busy all day long does not mean that you cannot make out time to enjoy the best tea with some posh mid afternoon snacks. You can indulge in some scones and clotted cream and some petit fours coupled with a cuppa black coffee or a pot of a specialty tea.

Taking a nap

Well, if you can afford to do this, there’s nothing like this. Take a timely nap, whenever you feel like, only to find that you are a different person mentally – recharged and rejuvenated, when you get up.

Well, these are ideas which have worked for me. You can innovate your own ways. Whatever you do, make sure it helps you rediscover yourself. Pampering is the best way out.


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