Foods That Are a Wonderful Booster for Your Bones

Foods That Are a Wonderful Booster for Your Bones

As you age, your bones keep on getting brittle and weak, and get more and more prone to injury and various diseases like osteoporosis, gout, osteoarthritis and the likes. And this is particularly applicable for women, who have a tendency of suffering from bone related issues, more so after menopause. This chiefly happens because as women approach the age of menopause (be it early menopause at the age of 40 to 45, or a late one at 55 or beyond), the body undergoes a drastic change, due to change in the pattern of hormone secretion. Now this change takes toll on the bone structure, making them brittle and weak. Hence, it is imperative that they have diets, which are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which helps to keep the bones strong and healthy.

Frankly speaking, there are not specific diets that would raise your calcium or Vitamin D level once you have reached menopause. However, a healthy and balanced diet, which is rich in vitamin D and calcium, would help slow down the rate of bone loss. Let us discuss some of the diets that will do so.

Some of the diets that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D include –
–    Fortified soya, rice as well as oat drinks
–    Calcium-set tofu
–    Sesame seeds and tahini
–    Pulses
–    Dried fruit like raisins, prunes, dried apricots, figs and the likes.

Adults generally require 700mg of calcium per day. Hence in order to get all the calcium that you need you need to have a varied yet a balanced diet.
Good sources of calcium include:
–    Milk, cheese and any other dairy products
–    Fresh, green and leafy vegetables, like broccoli, okra, cabbage but keep away spinach
–    Soya beans
–    Tofu
–    Soya drinks that come up with added calcium
–    Nuts
–    Bread or anything made up of fortified flour
–    Fish, which are bony, like sardines and pilchards

Here, let me tell why I have told you to keep away from spinach. Though spinach comes up with a lot of calcium, it also is rich in oxalic acid. This reduces the capacity of bones to absorb, thereby making it weaker at the end of everything.

We usually do not get all the vitamin D that we need from various diets. We get a considerable amount of vitamin D from the sun ray. Hence, short exposure to sun without any sunscreen from March-April till September is a good way of acquiring Vitamin D, though it largely depends upon where you stay. For instance, if you are from tropical country, this will only boomerang!

However, you need to have vitamin D supplement on a regular basis:
Good sources of vitamin D are:
–    Oily fishes, like salmon, sardines, mackerel etc.
–    Eggs
–    Fortified fat spreads
–    Fortified breakfast cereals
–    Certain types of powdered milks

In case you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, your physician might prescribe various types of calcium and vitamin D supplements along with the regular drugs to treat osteoporosis. However, they will consider this only if and when they think that your calcium intake is low.

Frankly speaking, there are hardly any specific calcium or vitamin D recommendations, more so if you have reached menopause. However,  a healthy and balanced diet, that is rich in calcium and vitamin D, will surely help strengthen the bones and slow down the rate of loss of bone by  considerable extent.


Now, let us discuss how you will cope-up with bone loss or weakening of bones if you are a vegan.

While the non-vegans can get calcium from various types of dairy foods like milk, cheese or yoghurt, vegans will be able to get it from other sources.

Sources of calcium for those who are vegetarian constitute:
–    Fortified soya, rice as well as oat drinks
–    Calcium-set tofu
–    Sesame seeds, tahini
–    Various types of pulses
–    Brown or white bread
–    Dried fruits like dried apricots, raisins, prunes, figs

Here is a somewhat complete list of diets that will strengthen your bones.

Fruits and vegetables
–    Collard greens and turnip greens, mustard greens, kale, Chinese cabbage, okra, dandelion greens, and broccoli as these are rich in Calcium
–    Spinach, beet greens, tomato products, okra, plantains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, artichokes, collard greens, raisins as these are loaded with Magnesium
–    Raisins, tomato products, potatoes, oranges, sweet potatoes, papaya, bananas, orange juice, plantains and prunes as these are rich in Potassium
–    Red peppers and green peppers, oranges, broccoli, grapefruits, strawberries, papaya Brussels, sprouts, and pineapples, as these are rich in Vitamin C
–    Dark green leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts, kale, turnip greens, collard greens, and mustard greens as they are rich in Vitamin K

Fortified Foods

You can also have various types of fortified foods from reputed brands, as fair amount of Calcium and vitamin D are at times added to certain brands of juices, soy milk, breakfast foods, rice milk, snacks, cereals, and breads.

So these are the diets that you need to have to strengthen your bones. However, I would sincerely recommend that if you have any issues with your bone, do not take any risk. Consult your doctor, who will conduct medical tests to ascertain the condition of your bone and will fix diets and medication accordingly.  Do not have diets without the recommendation of your doctor, as it might prove to be detrimental to your health.


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