Facing People With Confidence – What Are The Secrets?

Facing People With Confidence – What Are The Secrets?

Meeting people is an art – that’s what I think! When you meet people you need to act smart. More so, when you are meeting for the first time, this smartness is all the more important. There is an old saying that says first impression in the best impression. And in order to make a proper impression, what you need is a lot of confidence.

Confidence is not about just meeting people formally. It can help you a lot when it comes to performing better during interviews, appear more authoritative when it comes to addressing a gathering, and end with more deals with parties in business. So you see, you can do a lot with confidence. However, the thing is that you are not able to feel confident always, and that is when the issues begin. Hence, if you find that you are wanting in the area of confidence when it comes to meeting people, here are the tricks to gain it.

Speak slowly

I had a very bad habit of speaking faster. This was the root cause of everything. That was my natural way of talking. I reduced the pace by quite a few notches, and that made all the difference. Now the fact is that some of you might be a naturally fast talker like me, while some of you might talk faster when you are nervous. Either way, when you talk faster, it indicates lack of confidence, absence of authority on the subject you are talking, and a propensity to suppress your weakness.

Besides, when you talk faster, there is more risk of committing mistakes that might put you in all kinds of trouble and in false position in front of others. Thus, you need to speak really slowly and carefully, and thus focus on your enunciation. You also get more time to think between your words. Moreover, when you speak slowly, you can have the words drawn out, and can give your speech a weightier rhythm.  The ones you are speaking to, will get more time to absorb the words. This will help you lessen the critical errors, and you do not have to compromise the integrity of speaking. Naturally, the bonding gets tighter, and that gives you more confidence to go ahead.

Use Pauses

Yes!!! This is a very important thing that you need to do. You need to use pauses strategically, so that it helps you to speak slower. There is no thumb rule as to when to use the pauses and when to pace up your rate of speech. You can design your own ways, and make your speech more convincing.

Refrain from using the asides

This depends though. For instance, if you have time in advance to talk to an audience, you can prepare your speech and decide to use asides to back up your points. However, when it comes to giving an impromptu speech, or say facing an interview, or in case of natural conversation, this technique might have an adverse effect, as the interviewer or the ones listening to you might think that you are trying to suppress your nervousness by deviating from the track and looking for chances to fill up the conversational spaces. In these circumstances, it is wiser to stick to the point and maintain relevancy.

Body Language – that is something you need to be aware of

This is again, one of the most important points that you need to keep in mind. Your posture is as important as your words. Regardless of whether you are sitting or standing, or irrespective of whether it is an informal tete-a-tete or a formal gathering, you need to have the right posture. Sit or stand straight with your shoulders back and never forget to hold your head high, and maintain eye contact. This will do two things – firstly, it will make you appear bigger and secondly, you will look more confident, and in fact you will feel more confident. It will help you control your breathe, and speak more effectively and efficiently. However, you need to work upon it. You cannot perfect it overnight. A fair amount of practice will make it perfect.

There are many ways to improve your confidence. They vary from person to person. These are some that had helped me – while talking to my friends and relatives, as well as in my office. I am sure they will help you as well.


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