Can Drinking Water Make You More Beautiful?

Can Drinking Water Make You More Beautiful?

Drinking water is essential for good health. This is an understatement. The thing is that drinking water can make a world of good to your health in every aspect, from every angle of sight. Not only does it help in metabolism and betterment of your internal organs and excretory system, it also makes you look beautiful. Are you skeptical about the connection between drinking water and beauty? Yes, there is connection. Believe it or not, drinking enough amount of water every day can very well be the best remedy to many of your most nagging health as well as beauty problems. Let us see how.

Well, before we get into all those, let us know how much water is ‘enough’ for a person. As per the dialecticians and medics, an average person would need 50 to 65 oz of fluid per day. However, when we say ‘fluid’ it does not include soda, liquor or any sugary beverages or otherwise. It means, ‘fluid’ in the purest form – water! However, if you do not prefer the ‘taste’ of plain water, coffee or tea without sugar can be a good substitute for that, though I would personally prefer tea, as coffee can lead to roughening of skin, and loss of sleep. And too much of coffee can do harm in your liver. Or you can have fruit juice or lemon water as well. Now let us finally see some of the benefits of drinking water, and the ways it can make you beautiful.

It brings back the glow of your skin

Yes, this is the most amazing benefit of drinking a lot of water. It will not only quench your thirst, and keep your hydration level at optimal, but also make your body flush out the toxins in a more effective way. This understandably would leave your skin fresh, and more radiant. It helps the skin to be smoother, thus making you look younger and fresher.

It makes the nails stronger

At times, you might be plagued by brittle nails that keep on breaking constantly, and peel off at the drop of a hat. Now this is a tell-tale sign of dehydration. You need to drink more water on a daily basis. This will help your nails get stronger and will help their growth. Also drinking more water will help prevent the appearance of dry and flaky cuticles on your nails.

It helps you fight aging

This is the most important advantage of drinking more water. However, things will not change if you suddenly drink a gallon of water on one fine day. It will not erase all the wrinkles and fine lines magically. It is a gradual process and if you keep on drinking adequate water days in and days out, it will help your skin remain dehydrated and will be able to hold back its natural elasticity and suppleness. This in turn, will help you fight aging in the long run.

It helps you get rid of sunburn

Sunburn is a very common phenomenon, more so if you hail from a tropical country that is hot and humid, or you are in a profession that demands a lot of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Even if you have grown a habit and have got used to sun, your skin can very well fall victim to vicious sunburn, particularly during the summer months. Again, it is drinking more water that will come to your rescue at the end of the day. You can definitely try those sun creams that are available in the market. However, the healthiest way to get rid of sunburns is drinking a lot of water, as it will help your skin remain moist, and fend off the customary sunburn. Also, if you have already got sunburn, drinking a lot of water will help you get rid of it, quickly.

Water is the best medicine for acne

One of the most pivotal aspects of drinking more water is that it enables your body to get rid of toxins, through sweating or through urine, and this prevents acne from flaring up. Besides, it also helps you keep other common skin diseases and other issues at bay. Some experts are of the opinion that drinking a cup of lukewarm water with a fresh lemon squeezed into it in empty stomach is the best thing that you can do to keep your skin at the pink of health and glory.

It remarkably reduces loss of hair

Last but not the least, if you are intimidated by a constant loss of hair, you can stop it by drinking more water. If and when you drink enough fluids, it helps your body to maintain the heath of the vital organs by conserving them. Thus, along with other things, it will help your scalp remain free of dandruff which is one of the main causes behind hair loss. Also, it will make the root of your hair much stronger, thus preventing loss of hair.

So you see there are so many positive aspects of drinking more water. However, the thing that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot get results overnight. Hence, you need to have patience and make drinking more water a habit. Once you do so, it will start having its effect in your body quietly, and by a month or so, you will start feeling the difference. So start from today and make yourself look younger and healthier a month from now.

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