Hi, everyone! This is Dorothy, and frankly speaking, I have always believed in fine living, and most importantly, healthy living. Having said that, I do not like to visit doctors at the drop of a hat! It really annoys me. It is not that I have anything to do with the docs, but the fact is that the drugs that they prescribe make me feel very much uncomfortable. That is the reason why I had always put more money in getting rid of things naturally. And believe me, my natural way of getting rid of problems have really paid off.

Even at this age, (this does not mean that I am an oldie, but frankly speaking, I am almost nearing my 40s, but I can put my money on the fact that I do not look even that old. But that’s another story. The mission and vision of my venture is to give my valued readers a notion, about the efficacy of naturopathy, or in other words, the concept of keeping fit and healthy without the intake of medicines, which have always got a side effect or two, no matter how good their qualities might be. That is where this natural way of getting rid of things makes all the difference. This to me is the healthiest and the most modest way of keeping fit.

I have taught the same to my family, and believe me – they are happy and healthy. My son, daughter and my husband follow my way of keeping fit, and that has paid off. That is why the idea of sharing the things with you people has crossed my mind. That has kept me going and writing long blogs that I hope have been of immense help to you and your family. Now, you might question me, about the types of issues that might be cured in this way. Frankly speaking, the most important thing is that if you follow certain things, if you follow certain basics, you will need to ask this question, as you will not develop any ailment leave aside the question of getting rid of it. That is the philosophy that I have been following all along and that has been my way of leading life, and that has made all the difference.

It is this that has inspired me to share these tips of healthy living with those who will take the trouble of going through my posts that I will keep posting on a fairly regular basis. Some of them might be lengthy, but believe me, your trouble of going through them and following them will pay off sooner than later.

Life is full of issues today, and if you find my tips handy and useful, while facing the rigors of modern life, that will be a morale booster for me. Nevertheless, I will keep on writing blogs from time to time. Do follow them, and write back to me in the form of comments so that I can feel assured that you guys are benefiting from them. Best of Luck!!